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Very high quality wooden barrels

Scopri cosa rende le nostri botti di Altissima Qualità differenti dalle altre

Selected woods and long natural seasoning

We personally select every single plank and guarantee its origin from Slavonian or Italian forests.

Before using it, we let the wood season naturally for years, without using mechanical dryers, to give it maximum stability to temperature changes and to give your product in refinement the aromas and flavours with greater and better intensity.

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Selected woods and long natural seasoning
Thick wood staves

Thick wood staves

We manually assemble the staves using thicknesses of 35/40 mm to get the maximum hold over the long term.

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Stainless steel hoops

We were the first in the world to study hoops in "special" stainless steel in order to make them unalterable over time to acetic corrosion.

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Stainless steel hoops
Not just Made in Italy:

Not just Made in Italy: "Made in Modena"

For anyone who wants to produce Balsamic Vinegar, there is no better guarantee than being served by the most historic and recognised cooper from Modena. No one better than us  knows the secrets of producing barrels for Balsamic Vinegar tha are capable of holding this product properly for centuries.

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