Selected woods and long natural seasoning

Which requirements should you consider to choose high-quality barrels and cooper?

It is quite common to find barrels and casks on the market, but how can we identify quality ones?

From our point of view, the main quality parameters are four:

  • Wood seasoning
  • The thickness of the staves
  • Hoops
  • Skill and technical knowledge of the cooper
Seasoned Woods

Wood seasoning

There are two very different methods to season wood, for costs, times of use, and final quality obtained.

The method that we consider the best from all points of view is undoubtedly natural seasoning, obviously it is also the one that needs much longer times to reach a good result (several years), plus higher costs of realisation, but it allows you to season the wood by improving the barrel's stability requirements, during temperature changes (for the production of Balsamic Vinegar) and yielding to the ageing content, the best aromas and flavours, so as to obtain a high-quality product.

The other potential method consists of using a mechanical dryer. The wood is subjected to forced and mechanical ventilation for a few months for its seasoning, certainly also much cheaper, but in the end, the result is a quality that does not adhere to the transfer of fragrances and aromas.

Origin of the wood

The geographical origin of the timber is of certain importance. There are forests with really suitable characteristics, whose wood is suitable for the production of barrels.

It is not advisable to use recycled wood from old and disused barrels.

Stave thickness

The staves' thickness is one of the parameters that most influence the strength and longevity of the barrel, also reducing the risk of the product leaking (loss).


Especially if you have to produce Balsamic vinegar or various vinegars, it is essential to understand what materials the hoops are made of, which must compress and unite the staves that make up the barrel; these hoops, if constructed with "special” stainless steel and, therefore, well designed, offer a guarantee of durability over time, thanks to their ability to resist acetic corrosion, while the iron hoops, even if galvanised, will have an inferior duration and yield (in addition to having a less elegant aesthetic effect due to erosion and oxidation).

Skill and technical knowledge of the cooper

Good retention qualities of a barrel are given by the characteristics of materials as described above, but a not negligible detail is the cooper's ability to choose the right staves and assemble them in the best possible way.

Buy the best materials, learn about the best production processes that combined with the cooper’s experience and knowledge, are the logical consequence of high quality.

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Wooden Barrels

Top Series

The maximum expression, of mastery and high Italian craftsmanship.

We personally select Oak, Chestnut, Ash, Acacia, Cherry and Mulberry from the best forests, letting them age naturally for a period of 8/10 years.

The staves are particularly thick, above 35/40 mm, plus maximum quality in the assembly, in the internal and external finishes.

Hoops in "special stainless steel".

Absolutely the best product for reliability and durability for the best performance over the centuries.

Capacity between 10 and 1000 litres.

For ageing Balsamic Vinegar, Vinegars, Wines, Vin Santo. Musts, Distillates and Infusions.

To check the perfect seal, we test all our barrels prior to delivery to Customers.

Top Series →
Serie Top
Eco Series

Eco Series

We offer barrels, in Oak, Chestnut, Ash, Acacia, Cherry and Mulberry wood, with staves of medium thickness 28/30 mm, seasoned for 3 years, external finishes and assembly, performed by hand. Galvanised iron hoops.

Availability from 3 to 60 litres.

For ageing vinegars, balsamic vinegar, must, wine, Vin Santo, distillates, infusions and beer.

To check the perfect seal, we test all our barrels prior to delivery to Customers.

Eco Series →

Europa Series

Barrels with increasing thicknesses of staves from 100 to 1500 litres, while the minimum and indicative thickness of 20/25 mm for capacities between 10 and 75 litres, seasoned for 4 years, in Oak. Chestnut, Ash, Acacia. Cherry and Mulberry, assembly and external finishes performed by hand with galvanised iron hoops.

Capacity in litres: from 10 to 1500 litres.

For the ageing of Wines, Vin Santo, Distillates, Infusions and Vinegars.

To check the perfect seal, we test all our barrels prior to delivery to Customers.

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Serie Europa
Serie Barrique

New and Used Barriques

We offer new 225-litre barriques in different essences or handcrafted reconditions in our laboratory.

New or Regenerated Barriques →