Not just Made in Italy: "Made in Modena"

For those who want to produce Balsamic Vinegar there is no better guarantee than to be served by the most historic and recognized cooper of Modena.

Traditional Balsamic vinegar of Modena is a product with a long history, Balsamic is one of gastronomy's most noble prudcts. Profundly aromatic, harmoniously sweet and complex, Balsamic is used to enrich a range of dishes. Based on cooked must- the cooked juice of ripe grapes, it draws its singular quality from prolonged ageing in a series of small barrels made of various woods and in descending volumes.

The barrels are indispensables to the ageing and bouquet of this extraordinary product.

The use of different aromatic hardwoods and fruitwoods in the construction of the barrels (Oak, Chestnut, Acacia, Ash, Cherry and Mulberry) requires special skills and discernement on the part of the cooper as no two woods are alike.

Renzi,Balsamic barrels embody generations of inherited experience and the careful craft of the artisan.
Made in Italy
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Wooden Barrels

Top Series

The maximum expression, of mastery and high Italian craftsmanship.

We personally select Oak, Chestnut, Ash, Acacia, Cherry and Mulberry from the best forests, letting them age naturally for a period of 8/10 years.

The staves are particularly thick, above 35/40 mm, plus maximum quality in the assembly, in the internal and external finishes.

Hoops in "special stainless steel".

Absolutely the best product for reliability and durability for the best performance over the centuries.

Capacity between 10 and 1000 litres.

For ageing Balsamic Vinegar, Vinegars, Wines, Vin Santo. Musts, Distillates and Infusions.

To check the perfect seal, we test all our barrels prior to delivery to Customers.

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Serie Top
Eco Series

Eco Series

We offer barrels, in Oak, Chestnut, Ash, Acacia, Cherry and Mulberry wood, with staves of medium thickness 28/30 mm, seasoned for 3 years, external finishes and assembly, performed by hand. Galvanised iron hoops.

Availability from 3 to 60 litres.

For ageing vinegars, balsamic vinegar, must, wine, Vin Santo, distillates, infusions and beer.

To check the perfect seal, we test all our barrels prior to delivery to Customers.

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Europa Series

Barrels with increasing thicknesses of staves from 100 to 1500 litres, while the minimum and indicative thickness of 20/25 mm for capacities between 10 and 75 litres, seasoned for 4 years, in Oak. Chestnut, Ash, Acacia. Cherry and Mulberry, assembly and external finishes performed by hand with galvanised iron hoops.

Capacity in litres: from 10 to 1500 litres.

For the ageing of Wines, Vin Santo, Distillates, Infusions and Vinegars.

To check the perfect seal, we test all our barrels prior to delivery to Customers.

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Serie Europa
Serie Barrique

New and Used Barriques

We offer new 225-litre barriques in different essences or handcrafted reconditions in our laboratory.

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