News 10/06/2016 - Renzi Artigiano Bottaio

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Pagine Nascoste

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and an ancient food that comes from the must
cooked of very ripe grapes, it draws its quality by a long aging in barrels of fine
wood essences and capacity in several liters.
E 'among the most' prestigious gastronomic products and a wealth of flavors and aromas (
if it aged in wooden barrels of high-quality 'with seasoned wood essences
NATURALLY, able to enrich and embellish any dish.
Fundamental and then 'the importance of the choice of wooden barrels for the production of
Combination of Wood Barrels/Balsamic Vinegear and 'inseparable and indispensable if you will, with the help
the long aging, getting a product so extraordinary as to become even
fragrant nectar.

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