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I would like to produce “Balsamico”, how much time will I need to dedicate to it in a year?
The actual work is minimum, a few hours for year, “time” is our ally and will do it’s work.
The quality and production of the must?
Consulting pre and post sales support to start and increase Acetaie and Balsamerie in Italy and World.In many years of careful study added to a lot of experience, allow us to pass on to our customers "the imperative to know" to get the best results.
How many barrels are needed?
Series are generally formed of between 5 and 12 barrels, according to the customers needs: Alternatively you may start with less barrels (preferably the smaller ones) and add one more each year.
How important is the quality of the barrel?
It is fundamental, for the perfect seal of the barrel, for the transfer of aromas. So the better the barrels, lesser will be the problems during the life of the balsamico. The barrels will eventually be replaced only after several generations.
What are the most used woods?
Slavonian oak, Chestnut, Ash, Acacia, Cherry, Mulberry (Pear and Juniper when available) that must be cured a minimum 4-8 years in natural weather conditions.
Juniper wood?
(In Italy protected species)
Always alert and constantly looking around the world for "good quality"  juniper wood for the production of barrels. We can now see: the market offers a  NO good quality wood for perfumes, scents and fiber (hints of resin), so the lack of quality in the raw material coupled with long working experience and company reliability forbid us to build barrels we consider as "defective".
Since when have stainless steel hoops been used and why?
Francesco Renzi from more than 40 years of study and research.RESULTS:A special stainless steel capable of resisting the acetic corrosion, maximum guarantee of durability and reliability in time. (Top Line hoops)
Wines and spirits?
Our fundamental rule:
Quality and experience in construction,
quality and choice of raw materials,
quality and years of patience for the slow and long aging of woods, so as to highlight more aromas and flavors in aging of distilled wines.
Vin Santo and Raisin wines?
Many years of excellent cooperation with prestigious wineries, to build the best barrels (casks) and the most suitable for the maturation of these "precious NECTARS".
National and International Shipping and Delivery?
On request,we support all of our customers,in matters of national and international shipments,documentations,
Packaging and Delivery,considering every single detail with the maximum care and experience.
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