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Over The Years

The company over the years has increasingly qualified, keeping the family business in compliance with the peculiar secular tradition.


The historical patronymic of this dynasty was probably "RIENZ".

As well as the habitat of origin was undoubtedly the distant Bavaria, land from which , around the year 1000, a strong German migration come down to Italy occupying the slopes of the Alps and alpine foothills to devote to the rough work of woodman and cooper. In 1546 Matteo, known as "the count of Ressi" probably origin of the following  "dynasty of Renzi” patronymic variation, was born in the Vicarage of Brixen (Bressanone),
The slow and continuous migration brought the Rienz family to the South, through the Valley of the river Rienz (today Rienza) till to settle on Vicenza’s hills, behind the Valposina and San Vito dì Leguzzano. This family was always been dedicated to the art of wood, time to time engaged in the construction of church ornaments and wine barrels, an activity, the latter, which once was the preserve of German workers. These the historical origins of the RENZI dinasty.


Five hundreds of tradition

Archives news lay down, in the centuries to follow, names and dates with the accuracy of the documents. Generations in the art of master cooper follow each other to reach Francesco who, born in Mestre in 1878, moved to Padua and then to Castelfranco Veneto. Francesco afforded the adventure of exodus from the Venetian lands and the task to change the spelling of the ancient surname: from "RENSI " to the kindest and more italic "RENZI". In 1913 was born Dioniso, son of Francesco. Shortly after, Castelfranco Veneto becomes war zone. Years difficult and full of anxiety.
In 1917 the retreat from Caporetto forces the Renzis to follow the flow of refugees toward the Po Valley. They stop in Castefranco Emilia where, after a reasonable period of settling in,  the "Established Firm Barrels and Vats Renzi Francesco” starts again
In 1922 the company moves to Modena its business, while acquiring more and more consensus and merit. In 1955 Dioniso, upon the death of his father Francesco, takes the direction of company until 1978: since the 1960s his son Francesco was near him in this centuries-old tradition of master coopers.

Today this dynasty sees generations facing the future, Francesco and his young sons, Roberto and Matteo. In all these years the history of the company was mainly history of men, technically skilled and able to capture the culture and tradition of the land of Modena. Proof of this is their undisputed ability to build also barrels for the "balsamic", an exclusive vinegar making Modena famous for around the world. The great return of the wooden barrel for quality wines sees the Renzi committed to building traditional barrels and also  to "regenerating" them , ("barriques" also).


Established Firm Barrels, Vats and Kegs “Renzi”

Today, as yesterday, the ESTABILISHED FIRM BARRELS FIRM VATS AND KEGS “RENZI", directed by Francesco with his two sons, Robert and Matthew, is careful in the choice of the OAK and other types of used woods, uses their exclusive long "NATURAL" maturation, as the delicate folding “BY HAND” hand of individual staves  following the ancient practice of their bending in hot water.
The firm Renzi continues a craft that requires mastery of art while maintaining, in this world dominated by machines, the dignity of manual labour understood as perfection of the finished product.
All this, coupled with a centuries-old experience, make Renzi barrels are an extraordinary product and unrepeatable for the maintenance of the  wine and its by-products.


The aged product

The barrels Renzi "are born" with the 5 senses that characterize the man, creating an effect on the aged product absolutely sublime, unique and special.
SENSE OF SMELL AND TASTE: The best woods and the long natural seasonings of the various essences unquestionably enrich the product in refinement with perfumes and tastes during the aging over time.
TOUCH: the wood of  Barrels shaped, worked, polished as handcrafted perfectionism makes harmonious, unique and perfect the contact with vinegars, wines, spirits.
VIEW: A vinegar factory, Distillery and Balsamic Vinegar factory or Winery signed Renzi can give unique sensations of elegance and prestige to those who visit and those who live it in all its expressions.
HEARING: strong resonance and international echo and enormous praise: the best Balsamic vinegars, Distillates and wines aged in barrel Renzi when in competition, often rise in the highest steps of the podium.

All this and more ...
is the simple logical consequence of a product of excellence.

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